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Food Irradiation in Vietnam:

In Vietnam, 600 tons of frozen seafood and fruit were irradiatedin 2010 by both the Vietnam Atomic Energy Institute’s Ho Chi Minh Irradiation Center (VINAGAMMA ) and the private sector companies. Food irradiation in Vietnam has developed rapidly and the quantity increased 36 fold in the last 5 years. The 850 tons of dragon fruit irradiated for export to the US in 2010 increased to 1150 tons (which included rambutan) in 2011. Chile is now receiving irradiated dragon fruit from Vietnam. Exports of irradiated foods include spices, dragon fruit, rambutan and seafood, especially shrimp. The United States is the largest market for irradiated food from Vietnam. USDA requires Irradiation for dragon fruit and rambutan from Vietnam to enter the USA.

Foods from Vietnam that Require Irradiation for import into the USA:

Dragon fruit, Rambutan

Produce Import Update

Vietnam Vietnam Rambutan Irradiated Spices Vietnamese Spices
Dragon Fruit drag
Dragon Fruit plant in Vietnam Vietnam Dragon Fruit Harvest Dragon Fruit Dragon Fruit
Vietnam Shrimp Vietnam is a major shrimp exporter Vietnam Shrimp Processing Vietnamese Shrimp in a retail store

Viet Nam will adopt the harmonized food irradiation regulation prepared at the workshop in Seoul in April, 1998. A commercial demonstration type irradiation facility is available for the treatment of food and other related items. During the project period 45 tons of rice, 500 kg of litchi and 400 kg of mushrooms were successfully irradiated and test marketed. Consumers were found to accept the treated products. The dissemination of educational materials to the public was found to be the catalytic agent for enhancing public acceptance of the technology and of irradiated foods. Viet Nam is expected to complete the establishment of a full scale commercial irradiation facility in Ho Chi Minh City for food and medical products. The source is being purchased from Hungary and will have an initial loading strength of 500 kCi of cobalt-60.

Source: IAEA-TECDOC-1219 Consumer acceptance and market development of irradiated food in Asia and the Pacific.




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