Food Irradiation


South Africa

Food irradiation in South Africa is quite advanced
The volume of food irradiated in South Africa during 2013 was as follows:

Spices and Herbs... 4643 tons

Fresh Garlic... 859 tons

Dried Vegetables... 73 tons

Honey... 550 tons

Pet Chews... 101 tons

Fresh Fruit... 18 tons.

Irradiated persimmons from South Africa will arrive in the US during April 2014. Irradiation is mandatory requirement for entry of persimmons, litchis and grapes from South Africa

South Africa Persimmons mor Tutu
South Africa Sharon Irradiated Persimmons Irradiated Persimmons from South Africa Archbishop Desmond Tutu with irradiated South African persimmons destined for the United States
Purple Grapes White Grapes Litchi
Purple Grapes - Pending White Grapes - Pending Litchi  
spices gar hon veg
Irradiated Spices & Herbs Fresh Garlic Honey Dried Vegetables




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