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More than 600,000 MT of food is irradiated annually in China (2015)

Irradiation provides a solution that increases the shelf life and the microbiological safety while fully preserving the sensory qualities. The products are sold throughout China with the mention of irradiation on the package.

In China, an estimated 600,000 tons of food was irradiated in 2015. This is a 300 percent increase from 2010 when the volume was at approximately 200,000 metric tonnes. The irradiated food items included spices and dehydrated vegetables, cereals, garlic, meat, health foods, and functional foods.

China: It is estimated that a total of 600,000 tonnes of irradiated food was treated and consumed in China 2015. Irradiated products include garlic, spices, grain, cooked meat, chicken feet, health foods and herbal ingredients. Irradiated pickled chicken feet account for more than half of the volume. Food products were treated at about 120 irradiation 60Co facilities and 20 EB facilities in China. The designed capacity of 16 60Co facilities is larger than 2MCi in 2015. China General Nuclear Power Group (CGN), Shenzhen-based leading nuclear power provider in PRC with 30,000 employees has extensive, diverse and growing interests in energy with substantial resources, being largely government-owned. CGN Nuclear Technology Application Co, Ltd Haidian District, Beijing and CGN Dasheng Electron Accelerator Co Ltd, Jiangsu are major players in food irradiation. .

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