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The volume of irradiated produce is growing rapidly. It is estimated that 28,000 metric tonnes (60,000,000 pounds) of irradiated produce is marketed in the United States annually. This volume includes mangoes from India, purple sweet potatoes from Hawaii, lychees, mangosteens and rambutan from Thailand, mangoes from Mexico, Dragon fruit from Vietnam, grapes from South Africa, passion fruit from Colombia, Dragon fruit from Dominican Republic and papaya, mangoes and passion fruit from Ecuador. Several countries have signed framework equivalency agreements with the USDA that allows them to export produce to the United States with the requirement that the produce is irradiated to prevent introduction of foreign pests into the United States. These countries include India, Mexico, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Laos, Malaysia, Pakistan and South Africa. Additional countries have applied for equivalency status and will soon be added to the list. Irradiated produce from these countries is available at various retail stores in the United States. Additional food irradiation processing facilities are now operating at Gulfport, Mississippi and in Hawaii. These facilities are being accessed by US and international food companies to provide phytosanitary irradiation treatment.

Irradiation is widely used in Australia for phytosanitary purposes. The volume of irradiated mangoes, lychees and other fruit marketed by Australian growers to New Zealand is increasing significantly. These products are marketed at supermarkets in New Zealand and in Malaysia.


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